Vinyl Banner

Vinyl banner – new way to advertise

Send your message with outdoor vinyl banner to your customers.

Want to catch someone’s eye as they drive by? Use an outdoor vinyl banner. Tailor the message to suit your needs. Tempt them to slow down and stop in.Using color, size and creativity, outdoor vinyl banners give your company or event added exposure and send your personalized message. Whether your company is having its grand opening or your club is hosting a picnic, a large sign will attract attention, making the event more successful. The more people who know about it, the better your turnout will be. For upcoming events, the sign will be a gentle reminder each time someone passes it. A little advanced notice goes a long way in bringing in a crowd. To advertise an ongoing event, such as a sale, you can evoke a spur-of-the-moment, “gee, let’s stop in here and see what they’ve got.” First, build the vinyl  banner in your mind, then we’ll help you build it in reality.

Correct location is the most important thing

Location, location, location. You want passersby to see your message. Choose where carefully. Put the outdoor vinyl banner in a visible and uncluttered area, such as a storefront or entrance way. Drive by the scene yourself when the roadway isn’t busy and see what your audience sees. Watch out for obstructions such as trees and other buildings. Try to imagine your sign hanging up as you go by.

Custom vinyl banner – the best to attract attention

Spice it up Think about colors. Select a white or bright background. Use a darker, contrasting color for your message to make it stand out. Maybe use company colors; put your logo in one hue and the lettering in another. Have a special motif in mind? We can accommodate. The possibilities are endless.

Next important thing – banner size.

Size matters The larger your outdoor vinyl banner is, of course, the more likely it is to be seen. Decide on the necessary width. More space on the background gives you more room to speak. The content will help to determine the best height for the sign. One line or two? Your choice.

Send a message

What do you really want to say? Fewer words make for larger, easier to read letters, so keep it simple. Get to the point quickly. Use words that are attention-grabbers, such as FISH FRY FRIDAY 3-7 PM. Your audience is moving. You want them to stop, or at least turn around and come back and see what you have to offer. Choose a font for lettering that is block style, using all capital letters. Steer clear of thin or curly type. They look nice up close, but are harder to read quickly or from farther away.

How long should it stay up?

Another advantage to outdoor vinyl banners is that they can be put up or taken down with minimal fuss. When your event is over, simply remove it and save it for next time. On the other hand, longevity works, too. Since the materials are durable to weather, they can stay up for quite some time. If you have a special to advertise, for example, put the sign up before and during the sale. When it’s over, simply fold up and stow away until the next one.

We can help

Whatever your need, we can help you construct the right way to promote your event and send a great message via vinyl banner from! We have over 3500 satisfied customers since 2006, including the President and Chairman of the Board for the Homeland Security Foundation of America, Mr. Eric V. Brown, who said “It arrived right on time and is extraordinary. Thank you for the excellent service.” Contact us if you have any questions. For more information please use live chat.


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