Outdoor Vinyl Banners

Outdoor Vinyl Banners, Great Way for Business Promotion

Outdoor vinyl banners are a great way for business promotions to become very visible.

There are any number of sizes, colors and designs that can be used for outdoor or indoorbanners, and the latest printing technology helps them last longer even up to 7 years, saving you more money than ever before and because eco-solvent printing technology you saving our earth. GO GREEN and order your vinyl banner today. Your outdoor banner will be a bright representative of your company or product, making an important first impression.

Printing technology

Outdoor vinyl banners can be printed in virtually any size and colors, and are heavy duty for durability. They are UV coated to prevent fading and are hemmed and have grommets added for easy hanging. You can get vertical sign post banners to barn sized banners quickly and cost effectively with modern technology. New digital printing techniques bring even full color photography and graphics to your banners in a snap. Outdoor banners are ideal for conventions, outdoor events and trade shows. Smaller ones are used for many purposes from private parties and weddings to welcome home and congratulation messages as well as for birthday party.

Where to us vinyl banners.

Commercial or private use banners get the message out there in bold manner. Whether you need one or many, outdoor vinyl banners are a great way for business promotions to be seen and remembered. Wall sized banners with product images or logos are one way to create an outdoor impact. Building wrap banners can impress a whole city!

What material are banners made of?

Banners are made from a variety of materials, PVC, mesh, vinyl, heavy duty vinyl, and canvas. They can be mounted or made to hang, or otherwise be hung for display. Some are used for creating a tent like atmosphere and smaller privacy areas. Outdoor banners are an ideal way to put advertising on truck panels or buses. They can be joined to make even larger banners. Banners can be rolled up and stored for later use in future years and still look like new.

New materials allow new uses for outdoor banners. Lightweight, flexible, translucent materials work well for back lit banner signs. New materials enhance durability, making banners tear and weather resistant, and flame retardant, for years of usage. PVC mesh fabric is perforated, thus reducing wind damage, yet allowing fine printing results. Canvas banners are a useful option for situations involving theater lighting because of their non-reflective surface. Canvas is an environmentally friendly material that can be stretchable and will take on acrylic coatings that will not crack in cold weather.

Another type of outdoor banner is one made from a lightweight knitted fabric that will provide a matte, non-reflective surface ideal for a high impact flexible backdrop. These are used indoors for trade show booths and photographic shoot draping. For building wraps, large format outdoor banners are used together to cover very large areas with your message.

Where to use outdoor banners?

There are a variety of uses for outdoor vinyl banners, a great way for business promotions and other outdoor events such as graduations, military ceremonies, races, equestrian events, and many more activities. The outdoor banners add color and vibrant images to otherwise dull backgrounds. The outdoor banners will focus attention on your message and can be used for directional purposes also, guiding large numbers of people along the proper pathways of an event.

What sizes and technology is the best?

You can purchase outdoor banners in all sizes imaginable from very small table banners to building wraps. The PVC mesh banner panels can be welded together, and others can be connected with grommets and pockets. Today’s production methods and technology are combining to make outdoor banner production fast and efficient. New inks have improved resolution reproduction and longevity of the banners. All around production has improved and brought costs down to very affordable for every situation where an outdoor banner would be a welcome addition to the event promotions.

For businesses especially, the outdoor banners really can say something good about your company, that you know how to get a message across, and you know how to do it with impact and visibility. When your company name or product is up there in plain sight and magnified multiple times in size, the entire job needs to be excellent. That is right where outdoor banners meet the challenge for business promotions. Your printer will be more than happy to work with you in designing and selecting the appropriate banner for your event. They know what sizes are best for your audience size and viewing distance, and the working space you will have for your event.

Outdoor banners summary

Vinyl Outdoor banners are a great way for business promotions to rise above the ordinary and be an outstanding representation of your company image. Remember, first impressions are important, and quality outdoor banners are very visible, possibly the first impression your visitors will have of your company. You can use this impact to your company’s advantage.

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